LaunchX consists of two entrepreneurial paths, both of which I am still walking through. Both programs were life-changing and gave me the tools to succeed in the entrepreneurial world, through their vast network of resources and the real world experience.



I attended the LaunchX summer program during the summer of 2017. It was an intense month of intense work, where around 60 other students, handpicked from around the world, strived to build and grow a business. Influential entrepreneurs came in and taught about how we, as high schoolers could find a space to grow in the hustle of the business world. The entire team there is entirely supportive of young entrepreneurs and taught me that age does not directly correspond to the ability to create.


Launchx Club

I started a LaunchX Club at my school, in order to help kids delve into the deep world of entrepreneurship. We don't learn facts and figures, but instead learn through real world experience. Together, every week, I teach them the skills to become successful entrepreneurs, and then we work together on our businesses. We have successfully started two companies, companies that will help students like us all around the world.