About Me

Hey there! My name is Neil Deshmukh, and I’m currently a 12th grader at Moravian Academy in Pennsylvania.

I’m insanely interested in the field of AI, as you can see from a lot of the projects I’ve worked on. I’ve also been working to dispel the myth that AI is difficult or even impossible to work with, and teaching students around the world about the technology behind Machine Learning.

If more people have this ‘superpower’ to instantaneously spread expert knowledge through algorithms, the problems can be solved much faster.

AI will allow us to solve many of the world’s problems by allowing us to put intelligent technological experts in everyone’s hands. AI is also not a singular field, it can augment almost every scientific field known.

I believe in making projects that can impact people across the world, especially those who are less fortunate.

This website shows some of the projects that I’ve worked on to achieve this goal.